Jasper – personal assistant for Raspberry PI

Personal assistants are hot these days. Open source personal assistant is a dream for many developers. Recently released Jasper makes it really easy to install personal assistant on Raspberry Pi and use it for custom voice commands, information retrieval and so on. Jasper is written in Python and can be extended through the API. More importantly, Jasper uses CMUSphinx for offline speech recognition, so much waited capability for assistant developers.

Try Jasper, download it’s source code from Github, modify it according to your needs and contribute new features.

We wish all the best to Jasper project and hope it will become popular.

One Response to “Jasper – personal assistant for Raspberry PI”

  1. Julien Syx says:

    Hello everyone,
    I also started my own project : http://www.lisa-project.net
    Here the community where I post regular updates : https://plus.google.com/communities/109665724480163795371

    I’m looking for contributors (written in Python). The project is a bit more evolved : it uses a real network engine, and use Natural Language Processing. The end of already prebuilt sentences which aren’t natural.