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Google Summer of Code Applications

Preliminary draft table of GSoC projects

Note to students: proposals are closed.

This will still change, especially mentor and student names….

Project Mentors Student applications Submitted to GSoC site
DNN acoustic models for Pocketsphinx Nickolay and Bhiksha Anton Karazeev, Dishant Khanna, et al. 5
CNN-LSTM models for Sphinx-4 Bhiksha and Nickolay Vishal Agrawal, et al. 2
ROS integration Sarah and Arseniy Pankaj Baranwal, Ilya Sirotkin, et al. 3
Speaker verification Alex or TBD and Arseniy Gaurav Waghmare, et al. 2
Pronunciations from Wiktionary John and Arseniy Chinmay Rakshit and Yifan Xiong 2
Intelligibility remediation Ronanki, James, Lance, Carl and Patrick Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava 1
Diphone alignment and scores James and Christopher Pavel Denisov 1
CAI including speaking skills James, Lance, Priyanka and John Sahith Dambekodi 1
Javascript simulation of the brain’s motor control of vocal tract Carl and TBD Mritunjay Goutam 1
Transcript and other data validation (“Transcriber Qualification”) Lance, Tom, and Patrick Rishi Rajasekaran 1
Leaderboard Population, Sorting, and Column Maintenance Tom and Ronanki (and Alex?) Saurabh Singh 1
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