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Website Layout

We need to make sure our structure is maintainable and informative. That should be the ultimate goal. To do that we need to spend efforts on organization of documentation, sources and supported information.

The plan for web presence is the following:

  1. Main entry point - with wordpress and news feed
  2. Wiki as a knowledge base + doxygen generated pages from source code
  3. Sourceforge as development central with VCS/Forums/Issue Tracking
  4. Future - Hudson with continuous integration

We need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that our resources are consolidated and consistently organized
  2. Move all knowledge to wiki or to doxygen. Probably we need to create storage for random docs
  3. Optimize search
  4. Reorganize wiki to have visible and usable structure

The website contents are the following:

  1. api - API documentation for pocketsphinx and sphinxbase
  2. doc - documentation folders from all sphinx packages, probably we need to merge that with wiki
  3. wiki - our wiki
  4. wordpress - our CMS
  5. sphinx4 - javadoc for sphinx4
  6. old - various old data, losely organized, we need to remove this one day

And the following files

  1. robots.txt - block unoptimal content
  2. sitemap.xml - sitemap for google
  3. .htaccess - redirects some old locations with 301
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